Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Good afternoon! There were 40 Minecraft screenshots since my last blog post, so rather than attach them all here, just go to my Pinterest page to view them. Pinterest also cross posts to facebook & Twitter, so if you don't have a Pinterest account, no worries. We temporarily lost Internet last night just as I was about to start the next house in my January Map, so since I couldn't pull up the info I needed to start the next house project, I started a new "No Internet" game & just had fun exploring. I did really well. I have all kinds of great stuff & a fairly nicely equipped house. That game is in a Taiga biome & I spawned in the middle of a beautiful place with wolves all around me no matter which direction I looked. I tamed one & began my exploration. I have 2 full double chests, with 1 being nothing but cobblestone. More than I can ever use. The other double chest is full of all kinds of really cool stuff that I've mined & collected. Topping the list of "Too many of" resources is cobblestone, 2nd is coal. I have a LOT of coal blocks just to try & condense so it all fits. I think I'll swap out the initial cobblestone I used to build my house with coal blocks. Gotta use them somewhere! Other than playing Minecraft yesterday, I did get everything else done that I needed to do, though I didn't eat much. I skipped breakfast & lunch & had a plate of bacon for dinner. Yeah, I know ... the picture of health. LOL! Bacon & Minecraft ... now how's THAT for an awesome weekend?! I'm watching the Weather channel right now & WOW is it cold all over the U.S. Wind chill is -42° in Fargo. That's 42 degrees below zero! WOW! Stay warm everyone. If you're in an area that's excessively cold, don't venture outside unless you have to. Temperatures that low with the wind can be dangerous.

5 worlds credited w/ forming the United Federation of Planets are Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar, & Alpha Centauri. Humans, including Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of warp drive on Earth, settled on Alpha Centauri in the 22nd century.

Can there be any day but this?

You're doing a freaking great job!

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