Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016

Good morning! A lot of changes again. I did a schedule reqrite & got rid of a lot of newly added stuff that just wasn't going to work out well. I still need to figure out the video editing & streaming stuff before I have so much in my schedule that requires it. I've decided to do a daily YouTube video as I have downloaded & figured out the Windows movie editing software. I had tried the Adobe software, but it was WAY over my head. That software is for people that already know what they're doing. It looks like it does everything, but I couldn't even figure out how to get my video imported into it to start doing anything with it. HA! I did manage to get a video clip of Sid Meier's Railroads onto Plays.TV, but I won't be using that service again as I believe it's only short video clips & highlights as opposed to live streaming or full length edited videos.

The texture pack of the week is a bust, because it turns out I don't like most texture packs. I only use Faithful32 with the clouds pack & sometimes, on rare occasions, I'll load up Dokucraft. Beyond that, I don't really like change. I want my Minecraft to look like I expect it to & with some of these texture packs, I find myself wondering what it is I'm looking at because they change how things look to an extreme.

I watch a movie every day while I crochet the row of the day on the temperature afghan which has the low, average, & high temperature of the previous day crocheted onto it. We have varying temperatures here so it's very colorful so far. So far this week I've watched Evil Dead II, which was so cheesy that I found it impossible to be scared. I was too busy laughing at it to be scared. Legends of the fall is a movie I've seen before & enjoyed watching again, & Scream is a movie that my son said was cheesy, but he's never seen Evil Dead II. LOL!

I did something amazing (for me) yesterday. I finally figured out how to run a Minecraft server on my home PC. This was important because I like to run custom modded Minecraft AND I have some plugins that I don't want to do without. For this reason, a simple solution such as downloading & running minecraft-server.exe was out of the question. I needed version 1.7.10, mods, & something that would run mods AND plugins. Now I'm running a Kcauldron server here at home & everything is working great. I no longer have to pay $15/mo to have it hosted elsewhere! I used to want others to log into my server, but when I had to ban 9 out of 10 people for logging in ONLY to break the rules & grief, I decided to just give up on that part of it. I stopped advertising & just paid the $15/mo so I could have my special setup. Well, now that I've figured it out & it runs great, I have all that I wanted for free. If I ever meet someone who plays Minecraft that I trust enough to let log in, I can just give them the IP address. I still have protections (or can add them in an instant), so there's nothing to worry about if I let a person or two onto the server. If I ever do want company, I still log into other servers daily. One of them is Frostmane. A server I've been on for a long time that recently started a new map & I have a nice house in a savanna that was beautifully decorated on the outside by a friend of mine on that server. Vegemine is another server I used to visit, but they were offline & I'm assuming gone. If not gone, they are out of my lineup since they weren't online at the time I tried to log in. Winthier is a server that has partnered with another server I used to log into called Blocky Nights. If you log into Winthier, you can go through a portal to end up at Blocky Nights, making this server one that I have 2 houses on in 2 worlds since I was a member of each before they merged.

The plugin of the week is also something that I believe I'll be scrapping since I have all of the plugins I want & to do proper "of the weeks", I need to install these things & test them out long enough to have an opinion. Texture packs, plugins, mods, modpacks ... it's a lot of work & a lot of cleanup after the fact, so I won't be doing those anymore. It was an idea & I tried it out for 1 week before making a decision. The things that were newly added that I decided to keep are going to be decent quality at least. I didn't want to do half-assed reviews in mass. I believe in quality more than quantity.

Starting tomorrow I'll have screenshots, as daily screenshots are a lot easier to add than a week's worth. Blogging daily is much easier for me because I do more than 1 thing a day. :)

Have a great day & I'll see you tomorrow!

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