Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 20, 2016

Good afternoon all! I tried out a new (to me) game yesterday called Chaos Reborn. I liked it ... turn-based strategy mixed with a grid pattern for movement & cards like Magic. It was pretty cool. I only tried out the 1st of several tutorials, but I'm going to like this one, I can tell already. I logged into the Rehab Minecraft server which like most all servers I'm on, have announced a reset once 1.9 is officially released in a week. The result of this is many people not logging in anymore because they don't want to waste their time working on something that's going to vanish in a week when the world is restarted. Understandable, but I logged in anyway because exploring & building is what I do & the reset won't stop me from doing that even if it's the day before the reset. I was alone on the server. I went mining, processed & sorted everything I collected, started tearing down the upper part of my 2nd floor in order to add a rare 3rd floor, then just stopped. Not because of the looming reset, but because I made the mistake of trying out the 1.9 -Pre2 snapshot & it's SO different! I can't help it, I want to play that now. So I logged out, created 1 new world after another & didn't like any of them, then finally said "this is it. I'm going to start ONE new world with a seed that's specific to ME & play that." Wouldn't you know it I got lucky & it was a NICE world! I know ALL worlds are nice since they're infinite & eventually they all have what you're looking for somewhere out there, but I have a thing for 0,0 & what can be found NEAR ground zero. It's my starting point always. I started playing my special "me" seed in 1.9 & once I had gathered all my materials, I was hiding in a hole just underground processing everything in safety when I heard a horse. Odd, I don't remember there being any horses in the area. Then I heard what sounded like 2 horses. Again ... odd. So I decided to go up & take a look. Well THAT was a mistake. There were FOUR skeletons with enchanted bows riding FOUR skeleton horses. I almost had a heart attack. I ran back down into my hole, plugged the top with dirt & haven't been back out since. I've heard of those skeleton horses, but I had never SEEN one in any of my games in the 2 years I've been playing Minecraft 7 days a week. Then suddenly there are FOUR of them?! Just lounging out right where I plan to go up & start building my house? Aw come on!! REALLY?! Sheesh!

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