Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 13, 2016

Wow, yesterday was a bit FUBARd. The Internet went out for 2 hours, essentially shutting me down for that long, then the movie I sat down to watch turned out to be 3½ hours, so I ditched that since that would have ended the day making it 5½ hours of day passing between the Internet & movie. Now I have 2 rows of the temperature afghan to crochet today & since hubby wants to see that movie I skipped yesterday, hopefully we'll watch it today & I can catch up on the afghan. Then I tried to work on my personal Website which uses frames & I learned that facebook doesn't like to be loaded into a frame. I didn't feel like messing with it for the remainder of the day so I went ahead & let it open fullscreen & suck people out of my Website. If the want back, hopefully they'll know how to use the back button. LOL! Then it was on to my live Twitch feed for the week. I Learned that I HATE one of the games I have (actually several so far) & can't stand the fact that I have to buy all these games just to find out that I really like 1 out of 7 of them. What a waste of money. I wish finding new games was cheaper. Anyway, the game I played for MORE than 15 minutes this week was ARK: Survival Evolved. It reminds me a lot of Minecraft, but with much better graphics & dinosaurs ... that killed me ... again & again. I still really like the game though. 1st one this entire week that I've liked enough to play for hours. As I said, I've spent a lot of money on games & after 7, I really liked ONE. Ugh. Anyway, while the Internet was down I spent a lot of time on my Minecraft server since now that it's run locally I don't need Internet to play:

My other server for the day was Goximo where I added a nice patio to my riverside home (river is behind me in the screenshot):
Have a great day everyone!

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