Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 25, 2016

Good morning! I'm up bright & early (for me) & loving it. I have a lot to do today as far as setting up the new computer. I haven't gotten to test out how fast it is yet, as I'm still just downloading & installing stuff. I'm mostly done though, so hopefully today we'll see how it plays. I think the last thing I'm going to install is Rainmeter. After that, I'll install things as I need / want them (such as the games). The PC arrived at 4:p yesterday which is about the time I expected it. I was waiting for UPS all day & sure enough, I leave the room, go into the bathroom, hear the doorbell, come running out & there's a $2k PC sitting on the front porch in a huge box with CyberPowerPC stamped all over it. What if I were out? They just left a $2k PC sitting on the porch & left? My neighborhood isn't a bad one, but it's full of teens that know what a gaming PC is & although I'm sure they're mostly good kids, there's a certain level of temptation that I don't want to test. There's got to be some protocol for that ... hide it behind a bush or something. Sheesh! Even on the box it says "Computer Equipment Inside ... Signature Required" or something along those lines. Ring the bell & run? I usually always meet him at his truck. I see him, I hear him, the dogs bark ... but because I was in another room (and the dog follows me everywhere), I had no idea he was even here until he rang the bell. Anyway, no issues setting up the PC. Windows was saying I didn't have a legit copy & wouldn't let me personalize anything until after I put the key in from the sticker on the PC, but other than that everything went very smoothly. Until tomorrow ... have a great day everyone!

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