Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 27, 2016

Good morning everyone! I've given up on the fame collection & playing a different game every day. I just wasn't enjoying any of them. In the time that I've been doing this (a few weeks now), I've only found ONE game that I really liked. Just one. That's a whole lot of money & time wasted on games that turn out to be boring, stupid, I can't figure out how to make ANYTHING in the game work, look like they were from the early 80s, etc. I'm just going to stick with what I already know & love. A very small collection of games. Minecraft, Sims, Civ5, etc. No, I won't be finding anything new that I love because I'm not looking. Looking is expensive & time consuming. Speaking of Sims ... I tried to play Sims 3 yesterday on the brand new PC, which, by the way, can easily play, stream, & record simultaneously. I've done it with Minecraft & there was NO lag at all. NONE! Not even with the game I was playing being a home-run server with mods & plugins! WOO!! Anyway, Sims 3. I have almost every expansion pack & a ton of DLC that I've collected over the years, so I started downloading it all at 4:p yesterday & it took a solid 6 hours. Now we have better Internet than we used to, so it would have taken days on AT&T speeds. The good news is that I now have Sims completely downloaded & ready to go. The bad news is that I didn't get to play it at all & won't have an opportunity until next Friday. :/ I played my 1.8.9 server yesterday but forgot to grab a screenshot. I love the area my house is in, but I can't find any plugin that lets me use the /back command, so my Random Location plugin is hard to use. I have to go into creative mode & fly all the way back home each time I use it. Other than that, I love the streetlight plugin that I have that automatically turns all the lights on at dusk & turns them all off again at sunrise. :D

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