Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Good morning! Not a bad day at all yesterday. Hubby & I went out to lunch at DQ & then later that evening I logged into a brand new (to me) Minecraft server called Gamealition. I found a spot to build in a savanna right next to a partially built copy of Mount Falcon Manor. I love Mount Falcon, I've built it half a dozen times myself, so it was easy to recognize. I commented about it in chat & just about when I was done building my starter house, management said that the person who was building Mount Falcon had abandoned it & hasn't been on the server in almost a year. They gave the build to me to finish & now I'm building Mount Falcon once again. Even though it's partially built already, it's going to take a very long time as it's absolutely a huge build & takes a massive amount of resources. It'll be beautiful when I'm done though. :) I did some work on the roof last night & next time I'm on I'll add the round corner piece, keep working on the roof, keep adding to the floor & eventually start adding the 2nd floor & windows. Did I mention it's a massive build? Sheesh! I never thought I'd be building this one again ... especially in survival mode!

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